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It was an egregious, surreal initial meeting with you, Nancy – the night of my 15th wedding anniversary – a night of tears and a night of hope!  I was mentally prepared for the legal aspect of our meeting, but I did not anticipate my deep emotional outpouring.  Your expertise provided clear direction through the haze of the legal process, listening intently and compassionately as I shared my heart, and my concern for my children.  You effectively articulated my case, gaining the confidence and trust of my wife’s attorney, ultimately with you then taking the lead in the process and drafting all final documents.

In the end, Nancy, you were able to negotiate an agreement that is nothing short of miraculous, leaving me with financial resources and shared parenting schedule which allows me to positively impact my children.  As a result, my former wife is now a friend with whom I will forever share two incredible children, both of whom are assured and comforted by our love and support for them.

Brett S.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for being my lawyer during the dissolution process.  I never thought that I would go through such an emotionally painful situation in life, especially as a young woman.  But that is when you stepped in and gave a new meaning to trust at a time when I had none.  You looked at me more than a “client” but as a woman with hopes, dreams, and strength within.  You approached me with compassion like a mother, loyalty like a friend, and strength like an unwavering pillar.  You carried me through the dissolution process with integrity when I felt lifeless.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you.

Elizabeth M.

Dear Nancy,

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that you were the right attorney for our daughter’s situation.  How good it was to know the process (of dissolution) was being handled thoroughly, uprightly, and in a timely fashion.  We thank God for you!

Many blessings,

Doug & Jane K.

  • A safe place with privacy
  • Respect for each person
  • Removes fear and uncertainty
  • Divorce with dignity
  • A “court-less” divorce
  • Transparency and disclosure
  • A professional team trained to resolve conflict
  • Process to protect children from emotional damage
  • Creative solutions
  • Achieve goals and interests
  • Control the pace of the process
  • Control over the outcome
  • A future for all
  • A team of highly trained professionals working together to serve you
  • Learn benefits of collaborative family law process for you / your family
  • Using collaborative family law process in domestic case to achieve “divorce with dignity”
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